Fraud Schemes

It is known there are many hidden obstacles on the way to success in business. One chooses to overcome them legally going through thick and thin, others prefer to speculate upon a fraud scheme to tear out some money. For instance, the Russian Federation allows the latter to prosper and not to be accused of their heinous deeds since the Russian legislation is used selectively and corruption has become a norm of life.

In our case, representatives of Toshiba Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.  ( ) have been working successfully in partnership for many years in Russia. Nevertheless, they –Mr. Naohiro Baba and Mr. Koichiro Natsume, had decided to snatch a large sum using Mr. Vadim Danilov and his clients.

Vadim Danilov was convinced by Mr. Baba that he had been registered as an official Toshiba trader – the Ninth Wave operating from the UK.  In addition, Mr. Danilov was declared that NANA Eurooppa OY (NANA Europe Ltd.),  and NANA Baltic OY were his sub-dealers, as well as all the companies which had been invited by Mr. Danilov to Toshiba’s Conference also become his sub-dealers. So, Mr. Danilov worked hard believing that his current position is a real one and promising future promotions.

To his luck, Mr. Danilov had uncovered the scheme while checking fake invoices and seeing asset misappropriation in bills. As a result, he started finding out the data with Mr. Baba and Mr. Natsume but they preferred to fade away from Russia and kick back Mr. Danilov leaving him in debts.

Nowadays, Mr. Danilov had been obliged to return “the funds received” from Toshiba Corporation. He has been struggling for his rights and compensation for material and moral damages for 33 months.


Warning: Undercover Black Deeds in Japanese Corporations

Japanese companies are famous for their high-quality service provided worldwide. Any partner of a Japanese company expects a discreet and trustworthy business way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as it seems.

In our case, Japanese corporations’ representatives working in Russia and the CIS have elaborated an excellent fraud scheme including money-laundering, kickback clients and employees, asset misappropriation etc.

The scheme runs as follows:

  • 1. Toshiba Corporation serving as a cover generally doesn’t sign official distribution contracts in Russia and the CIS. Russian nationals such as Mr. Vadim Danilov (Toshiba fake official trader) are hired by the corporation. In addition, all transactions are based on pledging Toshiba managers’ word of honor.
  • 2. “Official” supplier – NAC Trading Ltd. – delivering appliances to Media Markt Saturn, located in Moscow, doesn’t have any procuration from Toshiba Corporation.
  • 3. Defective appliances covered by an insurance company are sent to Russia from a warehouse Kouvola, Finland as new ones via a fake Toshiba trader.

  • 4. Toshiba Corporation issues invoices on official blanks in which written payment requisites of third parties (Nana Europe OY) responsible for payment transfers to Toshiba Corporation and MCLOGI (Mitsubishi Corporation LT, Inc.).
  • 5. It is strongly recommended by the Japanese companies to make all payments using off-shore banks since Toshiba prefers not to be responsible for anything if its Russian clients have any claims and complaints.
  • 6. So, there is a bundle: Toshiba Corporation (Supplier) represented by Mr. Natsume – MCLOGI (delivering service) represented by Mr. Baba – Nana Europe OY (Toshiba “agent” in Finland supplying appliances to Russia) represented by Mr. Ogawa – NAC Trading Ltd. (Nana Europe branch in Russia responsible for financial flows in Russia), at a final stage RCAS (a private company of Mr. Baba and Mr. Natsume) located in Estonia transfers the cleaned funds from off-shore banks to Toshiba and MCLOGI.

So, it has been shown the Japanese corporations use fraud schemes and transactions to snatch large sums and frame up hired managers and Russian big companies.





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